The Wonderful World of Ostaro

The Wonderful World of Ostaro

The Wonderful World of Ostaro

On 8 p.m. Friday, April 5th, at Orlando’s Plaza Live Theater, internationally famous astrologer Ostaro will be the star of “The Wonderful World of Ostaro.” This marks the renowned psychic’s first visit to central Florida, where he and his co-stars will amaze and amuse audience members with an evening of Ostaro’s trademark blend of comedy and psychic predictions.

Ostaro has been an astrological and entertainment star for decades, with a loyal international clientele including celebrities, politicians, royalty, and icons of business and sports. He has his own TV show in New York, has made hundreds of media appearances, and has authored two books. All feature his offbeat humor, and this performance will be no exception. The audience can expect surprises and lots of laughs as Ostaro shares his readings of the rich and famous, and gives insight into what the future holds for the world, the United States, and members of the live audience.

Recognized as a leader in his field by the media, Ostaro has attracted widespread commentary and acclaim. The New York Times called him “an astrologer who tells it like it is,” and noted that he once set a radio show call-in record with 23,200 calls in 90 minutes. In The New York Observer, he summed up his astrological philosophy as “All facts! No lies!,” and the Wall Street Journal called him “uncanny.”

The fast-paced show will give audience members the chance to have their stars read by a master of the astrological arts and charts. Ostaro’s clients’ loyalty stems from the accuracy of his readings. His secret is a combination of Eastern and Western mystical traditions. These uniquely intertwined systems make his readings remarkably precise, detailed and personal. Ostaro says, “Over the years I have accumulated within my mind an enormous store of astrological and worldly knowledge, and I have the gift of being able to access it instantly,” reflective of his slogan, “All Truth is One.” This knowledge allows him to make readings instantaneously. The audience will marvel at his speed, accuracy and uncanny personalized insights.

The show promises an entertaining evening of fun and fantasy, a combination of contemporary comedy and ancient mysteries, a show sure to delight the whole family. For more information, see the Plaza Live Theater website, .


Ostaro was born in Delhi, India, where he began his career as a journalist at the Times of India. He began practicing astrology, and mastered the craft as he moved from England, to France, and now New York, acquiring clients around the world. He combines the ancient Chaldean system, founded in Mesopotamia hundreds of years before the birth of Christ; the Indian Vedic system; and Kabbala. He is also a 32 degree Master Mason (Scottish Rite). This unique blend makes his readings insightful and accurate. He has his own TV show in New York, marked by his trademark combination of humor and astrology. He also has memorized technical data for readings from every birthdate in the calendar. His remarkable mental capacity allows him to perform readings for members of the live audience instantaneously, with astonishing accuracy. This amalgamation of talents has astounded and entertained people all over the world..

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Tickets for the show, “SEG Media presents The Wonderful World of Ostaro Live TV Show Taping.” go on sale on Monday, March 18th on the Plaza Live theater website,, and range from $14.50 to $34.50.