R5 is the fastest-rising young band on the pop-rock scene with over 4MM You Tube views and 150,000+ Twitter followers. Just don’t confuse them with other emerging young pop-rock bands in the teen space, as this acclaimed group has a fresh, unique sound that comes from years of writing and performing together as a unit. They aren’t just a close-knit band, they are family. Literally. R5 consists of the Lynch family siblings, Ross Lynch (16), star of Disney Channel’s #1 series, Austin & Ally, Riker Lynch (20), a featured “Warbler” in Fox’s smash TV series, Glee, Rocky Lynch (17), sister, Rydel Lynch (18), and family friend, Ellington Ratliff (18). Together they make up one of today’s most exciting young bands featuring catchy rock-inspired songs, a fashionable look, and an energetic performance style. Signed to Hollywood Records, they are working with the top songwriters and producers, which will ensure they are just at the beginning of a successful and long-term music career.

Hollywood Ending
Hollywood Ending is a pop-rock band formed in summer 2011. The band consists of Tyler Wilson, Cameron Byrd, and Dan Geraghty, all 18 years old. Hailing from all different parts of the east coast, these boys came together with a shared dream of becoming big in the music industry. They got their start on season 4 of Radio Disney’s Next Big Thing competition making it in 3rd place. On the competition, they released two singles “You Got Me” and “I’m So Over You” which have been a success with fans and can be heard on Radio Disney.

They have appeared on three tours since the formation of the band, opening for artists like Allstar Weekend, Austin Mahone, Honor Society, Action Item, and even headlining their own tour playing many sold-out shows across the entire United States and Canada. The past year and a half has brought Hollywood Ending an incredible career. With all of the success they have had already, and their brand new debut album “Always 18” out now, you can expect great things to come from these boys. They’re just getting started!

Taylor Mathews

Taylor Mathews


Direct from a national TV series and tour, Taylor Mathews, 20-year-old singer and songwriter from Alexandria, LA is steadfastly pursuing

his ambitions of becoming an accomplished singer, songwriter and touring musician. Taylor picked up the guitar at age 13 and

passionately played and wrote songs for the next several years, along with singing and performing for anyone who would listen.

With a little encouragement from his friends and family, he auditioned for a major national TV series. The judges and producers listened

and immediately loved what they heard which landed him on the nation’s most popular summer show, America’s Got Talent.

Nervously walking onto the national TV stage for the first time, Taylor succeeded with his performance of a unique and plucky guitar

rendition of the classic “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” which won over the three judges and the hearts of the 12MM Americans

watching. Heavily influenced by his favorite musicians Jason Mraz, Ryan Tedder, and John Mayer, Taylor continued delivering fresh,

original renditions of popular pop songs with his captivating voice and mesmerizing guitar playing week after week, which ultimately

placed him among the top 10 finalists in the show’s finale. Following the series, Taylor immediately embarked on a national concert

tour with the show’s finalists, playing large theatres to thousands of adoring fans each night.

WIth the recent release of his EP “Head Over Feeling” which debuted in the top 40 of the iTunes album chart, Taylor’s base of dedicated

fans is quickly growing and includes over 7,800 followers on Twitter and 3,100 Facebook fans. He is continuing to write and

record with Grammy-winning producers and songwriters to craft his debut album.

Alex Aiono
In an age of young, manufactured pop stars like Rebecca Black and Aaron Carter, it is rare to find true talent breaking through the mainstream. 15 year old Alex Aiono is poised to do just that, with his mix of mature songwriting and captivating performances.

Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, Alex displayed an early love and passion for music and the arts. He wrote his first song at the age of 4 and hasn’t stopped writing since. Alex possesses a natural talent for the craft, able to write about emotions and experiences far beyond his age. Raised in a household of musicians, Alex is talented with a range of instruments including guitar, piano, drums and the ukulele – all of which, he often uses in performances.

True to his age, Alex loves outdoor sports like wakeboarding and soccer, but the Phoenix raised musician has a new favorite hobby. Since moving to Santa Monica this spring, Alex spends his free time hanging at the beach and busking for new fans while jamming with his family on the Promenade. As Alex is fond of saying “There is nothing like having good food, good music and good company!”

Now in the studio with producers Kenny “Babyface” Edmunds, Antonio Dickson, Bob Robinson, Tim Kelley and Nathan “Skynet” Vinall, Alex embarks on the next phase of his journey to fully realize his creative vision.