John Waite- From Old to New

John Waite, the English rock singer and lead vocalist for The Baby’s and Bad English is best known for his hit single, “Missing You” which debuted as a #1 Billboard hit in 1984. The song “Missing You” was released as a duet with Allison Krauss in 2006 which reached the Top 40 on the country charts in the U.S.

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BUT, what you probably didn’t know was that John Waite has recently released a 2011 album “Rough & Tumble” that showcases a whole different style. Waite says of “Rough & Tumble”, “I consider this album a new beginning. I approached this project with an entirely different ambition musically than I’ve had in the past. It’s the first record I’ve made that I think is made up of singles. All 12 tracks are contenders.”
Another interesting fact: “Rough & Tumble” was written and produced with Matchbox Twenty lead guitarist, Kyle Cook. Adding a new flavor to the material, Waite reflects on the differences “It’s not like what people would expect from me. It’s a step to the left. There’s a rock imprint on the music and a melodic presence, but it has just shifted gears. It’s an extreme record. It has an identity and a philosophy of its own, which is really fresh for me.”
Two songs that showcase the Waite/Cook collaboration are the 70’s funk, dance floor groove, “Evil” which is reminiscent of the group Jamiroquai, and definitely a step in a different direction for Waite. On another note, “Better Off Gone” has a country radio, Counting Crows feel to it that is a perfect mix of both Waite and Cook’s styles.
Still a fan of old fashioned rock, Waite tells, “As I look around me, everybody’s so produced. They’re on stage playing along to tapes. They don’t care. Rock n’ roll seems to be on vacation. I don’t like studio manicured things. I like imperfection.”

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So what can you expect at this John Waite concert? A solid rock performance (imperfections and all), a mix of old songs and new, and an intimate personal setting.
John Waite will be performing at the Plaza Live on June 5th at 8:30 pm. Tickets are $25-$39 and can be purchased online at, by phone 407.228.1220 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              407.228.1220      end_of_the_skype_highlighting, or in person at the box office. New Zealand Singer/Songwriter, Jackie Bristow, will be opening.