R5 – Tickets – The Plaza ‘LIVE’ – Orlando, FL – December 22nd, 2012


AEG Live and The Plaza 'LIVE' Present


featuring Ross Lynch from Disney Channel's "Austin & Ally", Namesake, Taylor Mathews

Saturday, Dec 22, 2012

Doors: 6:30 pm / Show: 7:30 pm

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R5 is the fastest-rising young band on the pop-rock scene with over 4MM You Tube views and 150,000+ Twitter followers. Just don't confuse them with other emerging young pop-rock bands in the teen space, as this acclaimed group has a fresh, unique sound that comes from years of writing and performing together as a unit. They aren't just a close-knit band, they are family. Literally. R5 consists of the Lynch family siblings, Ross Lynch (16), star of Disney Channel's #1 series, Austin & Ally, Riker Lynch (20), a featured "Warbler" in Fox's smash TV series, Glee, Rocky Lynch (17), sister, Rydel Lynch (18), and family friend, Ellington Ratliff (18). Together they make up one of today's most exciting young bands featuring catchy rock-inspired songs, a fashionable look, and an energetic performance style. Signed to Hollywood Records, they are working with the top songwriters and producers, which will ensure they are just at the beginning of a successful and long-term music career.
It's not often that a group of still-teenaged gentlemen form a band and all bear their father's name. But that's exactly the case with the appropriately titled Atlanta, Georgia group, Namesake. Comprised of vocalist Will Crafton, guitarists Brad Wagner and Troy Harmon, and drummer Kevin Nordeste, in addition to their "name" connection, all share a knack for penning hard-edged, highly melodic pop tunes, as evidenced by their debut album, 'Borders & Fences,' and such song as "Worlds Away" (the album's first single), "Saturday," "A Million Good Reasons," and the title track - Border & Fences.

"The group formed in our last year in high school," explains Crafton.. With the addition of Troy Harmon and Seth Van Dusen [the latter is the group's new bassist] we were able to complete the team and set forward into the world."

In 2010, the group signed with Imagen Records. "Namesake really caught our attention over at Imagen," says Imagen Records President Bob Winegard. "They had great things going and a talent that's rare to find in kids their age. We knew we would be able to do great things together.Renowned producer James Paul Wisner (Paramore, Underoath, and New Found Glory) was brought in to create the debut full-length. "I got his number from his production website and was lucky enough to talk to him personally," recalls Crafton. "We talked for a while and I sent him an acoustic demo of a song that would later be one of the songs chosen to record on our album titled 'Saturday.' He loved the track and was eager to get started immediately. We had a great chemistry the whole time we were working together."

Recently, Namesake filmed a video for "Worlds Away," and Crafton recalls it as an amazing experience. "It was the first time any of us had shot a music video. The whole thing was done with a green screen as well. We had no idea what to expect, but we got to work with the legendary Scott Hansen, and he helped put it all together. We spent a good twelve hours straight shooting it, and were very pleased with the outcome. We may be one of the very first bands to play in space!"

And as fans who have caught the group's live show already know, Namesake is a must-see concert act. "Packed full of energy," is how Crafton describes their shows. "We bring to the table what any fan would expect to see. Killer vocals and harmonies, guitar solos, head banging like it was going out of style. We definitely like to have fun and get the fans involved, because that is what it's all about."

And lastly, what does Crafton see in Namesake's future? "We want to get to the status to where if you walk into a room packed with people and someone yells 'Namesake,' at least one person will recognize the name. Well...that and world domination. But that can wait!" As evidenced by 'Borders & Fences,' Namesake is well on their way to obtaining the latter.
Taylor Mathews
Taylor Mathews
Direct from a national TV series and tour, Taylor Mathews, 20-year-old singer and songwriter from Alexandria, LA is steadfastly pursuing
his ambitions of becoming an accomplished singer, songwriter and touring musician. Taylor picked up the guitar at age 13 and
passionately played and wrote songs for the next several years, along with singing and performing for anyone who would listen.
With a little encouragement from his friends and family, he auditioned for a major national TV series. The judges and producers listened
and immediately loved what they heard which landed him on the nation's most popular summer show, America's Got Talent.
Nervously walking onto the national TV stage for the first time, Taylor succeeded with his performance of a unique and plucky guitar
rendition of the classic “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” which won over the three judges and the hearts of the 12MM Americans
watching. Heavily influenced by his favorite musicians Jason Mraz, Ryan Tedder, and John Mayer, Taylor continued delivering fresh,
original renditions of popular pop songs with his captivating voice and mesmerizing guitar playing week after week, which ultimately
placed him among the top 10 finalists in the show’s finale. Following the series, Taylor immediately embarked on a national concert
tour with the show’s finalists, playing large theatres to thousands of adoring fans each night.
WIth the recent release of his EP “Head Over Feeling” which debuted in the top 40 of the iTunes album chart, Taylor’s base of dedicated
fans is quickly growing and includes over 7,800 followers on Twitter and 3,100 Facebook fans. He is continuing to write and
record with Grammy-winning producers and songwriters to craft his debut album.